What is rm complexity?

At its core this is a place to publish essays, articles and other literature about software development. Everything hosted here will aim at helping people understand different software develoment, programming and software engineering related topics.

Software development is a constantly evolving discipline and, at the same time, is an emerging discipline. The first high-level programming lenguage was inventd in 1954, it was FORTRAN. It can be argued software engineering and software development, as we know it today, was created on 1954 together with FORTRAN. We can compare this to other, more mature, disciplines like physics or chemistry. One can easily realize there is still a long road to go.

rm complexity focuses on explaining and illustrate complex and/or complicated, and seemingly magical topics related to software. The main reason of this focus is because diving into software development and engineering is not an easy task. Some times is not even easy to move past different plateaus along the learning or improvement road.

But it’s not all bad news. Software development/engineering is actually fun. It is a great discipline and work environment. It’s a discipline that is filled with interesting problems, creativity, great people and amazing opportunities. This project, hopefully, will help understand all of this about software development/engineering. Also, to teach and remind anyone that software development is so much more than writing code. And, to help remove the perceived complexity from the amazing world of software.