Developer secret news

These are secret news, keep them in the down low and don’t share them with anyone.

  1. We write unnecessary code.
  2. What we think the code will do is wrong.
  3. Not everything is testable.
  4. Not everyone will understand the code you write.
  5. Code is not always extendible nor manageable.
  6. The Software you build for a company will never be for the greater good.
  7. You are being exploited, and your job exists because others get exploited.
  8. You will never know everything there is about Software.
  9. Technology moves in the direction of money, not progress.
  10. Software will never keep up with real life.
  11. AI will neither save us nor destroy us.
  12. Things change around you; you don’t change things directly.
  13. You don’t need everything in your tech stack.
  14. Your architecture is unnecessarily complicated.
  15. Your documentation is not good.
  16. Every computer system is compromised.
George Carlin hiding because these are secret.
Don't look at these for too long!